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In the REVIEW phase, students communicate their discoveries to the community partners they've connected with during the PLAN and DO phases. They also take the opportunity to evaluate and reflect on their work and provide recommendations for the future of their project.

REVIEW framework.png


Model: Project Client Feedback Form

This tool was developed with students during a series of class discussions about what feedback do we want from our clients about their experiences with the projects, so that we can ensure we improve our project experience for our collaborators next time.   Click here

Model: Post Project Student Personal Reflection

 Click here

Exemplar: Post Project Student Personal Reflections

 Click here

Model: Universal Constructions Reflection Essay

 Click here

Model: Gallery Walk Peer Feedback Form

 This form was used for students to review their peers work and provide constructive feedback. Click here

Template: Self and Group Evaluation & Reflection

 Complete post-project evaluation document with a rate/highlight section, pie chart evaluation, short answer reflection session, and Likert scale survey. Click here

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