Partner on a Project

"The most enjoyable part of this project was seeing how many people in the community were willing to help."

Engaging the community is fundamental to The Watershed Project. Students and teachers develop collaborative relationships with local scientists, conservationists, and water management professionals as they study their local watershed.

As students begin to hear a variety of voices from their community, they begin to see the complexity of systemic challenges to watershed management.

At all stages of The Watershed Project Cycle, students need to engage with local professionals. During the Define and Plan phases, professionals play a critical role in shaping economically and technically feasible projects that meet community needs. During the Do phase, professionals provide critical feedback so students can revise their final product for local maximum impact. In the Review phase, professionals can help students think about how future students might build off of the project. 

These projects typically have public exhibitions or other public products that lend themselves to increasing the local exposure of the partner’s role in community watershed outreach. If you are interested in collaborating with a local high school class, please contact us.

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The Watershed Project pilot project was funded by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University.