Do It Yourself

The field of education is all about sharing resources. It doesn't take a seed grant from the Iowa Water Center program to get started. If you've reviewed the framework, watched the videos, and decided your classroom is ready for The Watershed Project, we want you to take the dive.

Here's what we recommend to get started:

  • Identify the name of your school's watershed (search your address on this map and choose USGS Subwatershed Unit on the "select boundary" tab)

  • Find a community partner that works in some aspect of water (check out our partner page for some ideas)

  • Connect with project staff to brainstorm entry events, talk through implementation plans, and troubleshoot potential obstacles

  • Apply for local grants in your community

Seed grant recipients are required to attend professional development, and we do encourage training even for seasoned PBL instructors. However, if you don't have professional development funds, you can still have a successful project. Start small, work closely with your community partner, and join The Watershed Project community to build a strong support system.

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